# Charges

Charges are payments executed against Debt Accounts.. They can run immediately, be scheduled into the future, or in some cases, may be processed without the need for associated Debt Accounts.. This flexibility allows for swift, ad-hoc transactions, making it convenient for various financial operations and accommodating different payment scenarios.

# Create Charge

POST https://<org-uuid>.production.tratta.io/api/v1/charges

curl https://<org-uuid>.production.tratta.io/api/v1/charges \
 -H "Authorization: Bearer eyJ0eXA3asdk..." \
 -d debt_account_external_id="123456" \
 -d amount="700" \
 -d scheduled_at="2023-03-01" \
 -d email="example@example.com" \
 -d card[card_holder]="Card Holder" \
 -d card[card_number]="4242424242424242" \
 -d card[card_expiration_month]="12" \
 -d card[card_expiration_year]="23" \
 -d card[card_security_code]="123" 

# Parameters

amount required|numeric

The amount of payment.

scheduled_at optional|date|after_or_equal:today

Date when the charge should be scheduled at.

debt_account_external_id required without no account|exists

External debt account id generated in the 3rd party application.

linked_debt_account optional|boolean

Specifies whether the transaction should be associated with a specific debt account or not. It allows you to process a charge without linking it to a particular debt account in the system. If you pass debt_account_external_id with linked_debt_account=false then it will create a charge without linking it to an debt account.

email optional|email

Email address of the customer.

send_email optional|boolean

Specifies whether or not to send the confirmation email to the customer.

payment_method_id required without card/ach|exists

Specifies the UUID of the existing payment method.

card json object with paramters

  • card_holder required without payment_method_id/ach
  • card_number required without payment_method_id/ach|valid card number
  • card_expiration_month required without payment_method_id/ach|numeric|between:1,12
  • card_expiration_year required without payment_method_id/ach|last 2 digits of a year
  • card_security_code optional
  • card_postal_code optional|5 digits

ach json object with parameters

  • account_holder required without payment_method_id/card

  • account_type required without payment_method_id/card|in:checking, savings

    Checking or Savings account type.

  • routing_number required without payment_method_id/card|valid routing number

  • account_number required without payment_method_id/card|min:4|max:17

  • account_zip required without payment_method_id/card|5 digits

    Specifies the Postal code of the account.

  • account_state required without payment_method_id/card

billing_address_id optional|exists

Specifies the UUID of the billing address.

billing_address json object with parameters

  • name optional|string
  • city optional|string
  • state optional|string
  • postal_code required with billing address object|5 digits
  • country optional|string
  • line1 optional|string
  • line2 optional|string
  • is_primary optional|boolean

# Other validations

  • Debt Account status must be active.
  • Charge amount must be greater than Organization's min_payment_amount Rule. Default value is $5 and lower than Debt Account's current_balance.

# Returns

A json with data property that contains created charge object.

immediate charge

When scheduled_at is not provided or it is today.

  "id": "b4ff53e3-3124-4690-9df0-c7613f6f5494",
  "reference_number": "3153686308",
  "payment_method_type": "card",
  "card": {
      "card_holder": "Test Holder",
      "card_number": "4242",
      "card_type": "Visa",
      "card_zip": "10001",
      "expiration_month": "12",
      "expiration_year": "23"
  "payment_method": null,
  "billing_address": {
      "name": "Test Name",
      "city": "New York",
      "postal_code": "10001",
      "country": null,
      "line1": "5the Ave",
      "line2": null,
      "state": "New York"
  "amount": 1000,
  "total_amount": "1000",
  "payment_date": "02/28/2023",
  "success": true,
  "fees": []

scheduled charge

When scheduled_at is after today.

  "id": "3ca1119d-5e08-4e41-8a9f-7272e755003a",
  "payment_method_type": "card",
  "payment_method": {
      "id": "839a0a09-5f51-45aa-a0e3-00261112109d",
      "type": "card",
      "card_token": {
          "card_holder": "Test Holder",
          "card_number": "4242",
          "expiration_month": "12",
          "expiration_year": "23",
          "card_type": "Visa",
          "card_zip": "10001"
      "is_primary": false,
      "has_active_payment_plan": false,
      "created_at": "2023-02-28 13:21:16"
  "scheduled_at": "2023-03-01",
  "successfully_charged_at": null,
  "amount": 1000